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smbTrans is a Windows application designed for North American Freight Forwarding companies. The application assists the forwarder in managing the movement of cargo on behalf of their customers from the initial point of contact through the final delivery of the cargo to its final destination. The application provides the forwarder the means to plan, design, manage and finally invoice for all legs of the cargo movement. The application supports all types of shipping providers including air, ocean, trucking and rail. smbTrans will produce all required documents supporting the transport including: bill of lading, carrier and customer confirmations, Country of Origin and Air and Ocean Waybills.

Overview:  A Fully Integrated Freight Transportation System for:


smbTrans is a 32-bit/64-bit Windows application that connects to a database service application running on a Windows computer (WinXP and later). Remote access functionality is provided if the database is accessible from the internet.


smbTrans is a database application that requires a specific installed database engine. You will need to contact the author to obtain a copy of the database engine for your company. Other than the requirement of the database engine, smbTrans is a totally self-contained program that can be run from any Windows-based computer having access to the database either in a local area network or through an internet connection.

The latest version of the application can be freely downloaded from here.

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